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The 8 Essential Steps

Every Financial Advisor and Estate Planning Attorney Must Navigate to Close Big Cases

This summarizes the key components of the special report and our process for helping professional advisors open and close more big cases.

In this report we cover how to:

1. Keep your Engagement Options Open
Are you looking for a good fit for your solutions or do you explain that your process is the solution?

2. Find the Hot Buttons
This is about helping clients discover for themselves what is important and why.

3. Assemble the Planning Team
The client wants to believe they already have the best and don’t need you. You can overcome this and make a seat for yourself at the table by asking really good questions.

4. Explore the Universe of Strategies
It helps to have a systematic process to consider which of the dozens or even hundreds of strategies might be the best.

5. Tackle the Deep Analysis
Advisors need to know that their strategies and designs have a very high likelihood of success.

6. The Client Presentation
Top advisors intuitively develop a “story” they want to tell to the client about what to do and why that is important. The story includes the vision of a better place as told by the client and retold by the advisor.

7. Answer Objections
Top advisors anticipate objections in advance.

8. The Confidence to Close
If all the key advisors would work together to develop a coordinated set of strategies, and meet together with the client to present their unanimous recommendations, the client would have confidence to act.