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We have some helpful free resources that can help you get started with you next big case.

Big Case Analyzer Info Sheet

This fact finder gives you an easy way to get the most of your Big Case Analyzer calls by summarizing the key data we will want to review in advance of the call.

Confidential Client Discovery Guide

This is a more comprehensive fact finder. This is a useful guide to help you ask about most of the key areas on any given case.

Practice Profile

This is an easy way for you to tell us about yourself and your practice prior to your first Big Case Analyzer Call.

Client Punch List of Planning Information

This is a one-page list of information needed for planning. You may wish to shorten or expand this list to address the needs of a particular situation.

List of Strategies

This is a list of about 50 strategies arranged by 9 primary topics. We find it useful to have this list handy when thinking about what strategies are suitable to accomplish client goals.